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Through our work, we aspire not only to create beauty all around us but to also shape and change the community in a meaning-full way, no matter how small.

Brand is not your logo or website. Brand is your reputation. The best way to build a reputation is content.

Culture Your BRND

Real Results

To see the potential and help me realize it is real art. Thank you dear for your work and time.

When we first met, I told Marisha that I wanted to fulfill my dreams through her coaching. The most interesting thing is that Marisha helped me to see and realize what I really want. She is a professional in her field – love for her work and understanding of clients is felt in her approach. During the brainstorming session, we used various cards that she had designed to get a better understanding of the person. After a few hours, I had a clear plan of action.


Founder of Astrolog Ilona

Real Results

A relaxed and creative vibe. That's the first thing I noticed about Marisha.

During the strategic brainstorm with the beautiful cards she developed herself, she really guided. She has the power and structure to bring the session into the right flow and to bring out the creativity in you. In order to achieve results together that appeal to the imagination. Honest and with genuine interest. A fun, inspiring, and passionate lady to work with. I can certainly recommend Marisha if you want to let your ideas flow to the next level!


Interim Communication Advisor & Coach

Branding isn’t about being the best. It’s about being memorable.

Culture Your BRND

Real Results

Marisha is one of the greatest storytellers and branding experts for the 21 century!

As we enter into this NEW NORMAL WORLD…all of us trying to recreate ourselves and our companies Brand. Here is one company just doing that with a twist… Out of the box – Imaginative – with Cultural Impact, a Visual Journey with Adventure. Speaks for the New Normal as well as for Millennials. You have to be ambitious and dare to make an impact to work with them. They are ready to tell YOUR story… Nothing to lose much to gain. You will be pleasantly surprised by the ultimate result.


Entrepreneur & Investor

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