Our Team

Meet our high-skilled team of young professionals with the soul of artists.


Founder, Creative Director,
Storyteller, Content Creator
Social Media Expert & Brand Strategist.

Creative Daydreamer Nerd

She is your travel guide in the world of visualizations, that brings you to your destination, while you didn’t know yet where you wanted to go.


Brand Videographer, Youtuber, Photographer, Content Creator, Short Films, Ponderer.

Creative Wizard with a Vision

He takes thé shots and turns it into a Hollywood movie.


Brand Photographer with Fashion & Lifestyle expertise, Content Creator.

Creative Butterfly living by the sea

She captures pictures you can publish in magazines.

Cultivating your personal brand and network is like growing your garden.

Culture Your BRND


World Citizen, Creative, Social Expert.

The Website Superhero

Builds your website with his superhero skills.


TikToker, Content Creator, creative.

The Social Media Explorer

She will capture you during the behind the scenes.


captain on the private jet, Musician, World Citizen, Creative.

The Flying Dutchman

Need a new soundtrack that’s going sky high? He is your DJ and music producer.

Sensing, Connecting, Building new networks. It’s our nature.

Culture Your BRND

Real Results

Working with Marisha is a delightful experience

The comfortable yet professional nature of Marisha’s work ethic allows our partnership to have less disturbance and makes every project we work on flow smoothly. Also, due to the nature of my partnership with Culture Your BRND it allows room for constructive feedback and transparency between each other to exist. The atmosphere between us feels very relaxing despite the pressure that might be there. Quality over quantity and this is a partnership that’s full of quality.


team member of culture your brnd

Real Results

Marisha is the perfect person to guide you during your branding process.

Wow so grateful that Marisha stepped into my life.. her passion, creativity & positive energy is so contagious. Her communication is a 10/10, she is not afraid to think outside the box & can listen very well, so she knows how to visualize your ideas exactly. As a photographer for CYB, I am so proud to work with such a passionate & hardworking woman as Marisha! What are you waiting for?


team member of culture your brnd

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