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Founder of Culture Your BRND and of other cool concepts that are under development.

She is an Armenian born in Tbilisi, Georgia and raised in The Netherlands. Marisha brings a bit-of-an-edge and a passion for authenticity to the world of social media.

She provides strategic design content and social media services for businesses and overwhelmed entrepreneurs who are tired of doing it all themselves. She helps companies optimize their business and create stunning content.
She is a fan of good ideas.

A real daydreamer with a strong intuition and a lot of empathy for the people around her. A Burgundian eater. An absolute ambivert (extroverted introvert) and she prefers to enjoy the world around her from the inside.

Grew up with different cultures, so she loves to discover new places in the middle of a world different from her own. She’s a born creative, who loves to tell stories and convert ideas and complex branding processes into business.

Marisha loves to create the coolest concepts in an innovative and original way and to translate an experience into a form of extraordinary video content marketing, managing complex branding processes and directing – which challenges and enables her to achieve her own idea of success through hard work and good fortune.

Boring Facts

She studied notarial law. Worked as a notary lawyer specialized in real estate and inheritance. Used to play chess and occasionally worked as a model. 

I would love to connect with you to discover and realize creative outcomes

Real Results

Marisha made a very structured and designful presentation for our company “Vantage”.

In this presentation she described exactly the subjects which we wanted to point out, and made them perfectly visual. During the process I got to know Marisha as a very professional, enthusiastic, and creative person.  I would definitely recommend brands to work with her company Culture Your BRND.


Founder of Vantage

You don't have to do everything

You wear a lot of hats as a business owner, you don't have to be a content creator & social media manager too. Meeting the needs of your business while DIY-ing your brand and marketing can be tricky. If you're feeling overwhelmed with the creative aspects of your business, that's okay!

Culture Your Brnd

Who we are

We are a high-skilled team of young professionals with the soul of artists. We offer our clients creatives of all levels and backgrounds. We create branding and content marketing strategies for new projects, brands and well-known companies wishing to change their positioning. From form style to video production, we can change your image and keep it up-to-date regarding all the modern tendencies. Entrust your idea to our experts, and you’ll see the difference!

Work with Marisha

Brand Partnerships & Collaborations

Do you need a face for your Brand or a Keynote Speaker who can share knowledge about the power of Personal Branding? An Ambassador who can represent your project or a concept? Let’s have a chat and see if we can create something awesome.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

Rachel Zoe

Have your visual identity speak for itself


Real Results

Working with the Culture Your BRND team is hard work, but we also have a good time. We are already looking forward to the next filming session!

First thing we did with Marisha, after a first meeting of course, was the “Content Marketing Strategy”. It was refreshing actually: You really need some sort of ‘helicopter view’ on your business to determine what suits best and what you want to accomplish. During that brainstorm-session she made us do some (fun) games to get to the point we all agreed with: To produce content to show the world what we love to do: create great, fun and sometimes intense group workouts for any level of fitness. But to achieve that, we had to go on film and out of comfort zone.. She simple said: Come on, let’s do this!!

Marisha has different modes she switches between during the shooting process: the director, the creator, the professional, the woman behind AND in front of the camera and not to let out: the funny hype girl.
During our year working together, she became a friend. And working with friends works best.

Fred & Karin

Founders of Slim Body Centre

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