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I packed my suitcase and flew back to the roots for the first time. ⁣

Before I left I created a new limited edition brand called, Brand New Cleopatra, for the power women among us. I drew the designs for all the outfits I would wear in the video production (probably an average kid would make nicer sketches). I took a screenshot of my masterpieces and emailed the story to Armenia. ⁣

I waited patiently for the answer ……. (read impatiently) And yes, I got the green light! My journey of discovery could begin. Creating from nothing to something, discovering new places, connecting people, converting ideas into business, working with new talented people who do their utmost to visualize your story and put that check mark on your bucket list.

Creating a new story in my history.

When I traveled to you, I wanted something I could remember for the rest of my life. You know the idea that when you are 80 years old (at least I hope to get this far haha) and you look back at the young version of yourself and feel the Armenian roots, something traditional, that warm feeling inside, but in denim style. The style that you prefer to wear now in the present. The you who is raised in the Netherlands.

It seems so cool to me to look at this photo and reliving it again but then more intensively as an 80 years old.
I owe this new memory to the fantastic young Armenian talented people who contributed to my idea / concept.
Thank you very much for creating a new story in my history. Thank you for capturing this moment. It means a lot to me.

Oh and not to forget, dad thanks for borrowing your denim blouse haha. Sometimes I like to wear men’s clothes and restyle it. I think I’ll keep this blouse to myself.

Love you all, you magic people!


Marisha Stepanian

I'm Marisha

Marisha brings a bit-of-an-edge and a passion for authenticity to the world of social media.

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